Homepage for GSMI/GSMD::Gnokii

This is the homepage of the newly written GSMI/GSMD::Gnokii Package. If You are using gnokii 0.3.3 or before go here. Starting with gnokii 0.4.x the whole stuff was redesigned so I more or less had to start from scratch. While doing this I thought it would be a good idea to split a generic part from the library-detail implementation like it is done with DBI/DBD for databases.
So now there are two modules available for download GSMI and GSMD::Gnokii.


You need perl 5.6 or above nothing else is supported. Also You need a gnokii version greater then 0.5 to be installed. You should set the environment variable GNOKII_DIR to the directory where You unpacked and compiled gnokii. If You don't set it /var/tmp/gnokii will be used.
Not all of the gnokii-binary's functionality is implemented in the module. So please send mail at gnokii@agouros.de if You need more features. If You want logo/ringtone-support please send a file for me to test this with.


There is a new version of GSMI and GSMD out. GSMD fixes a few bugs and has added support for sendringtone.
This is done by adding sending a sms and in the smshash put 'ringtone' instead of message please test this and give
me feedback.
Find GSMI here here and GSMD here


Thanks to Ian Batterbee from New Zealand the GSMD-Driver module now supports bluetooth. Simply set the connection type to bluetooth and enter the macaddress as device.
An example (from Ian) would be:


First download GSMI. Do a
perl Makefile.PL
make install

Do not do a 'make test' this isn't implemented yet.
Next download GSMD::Gnokii. Unpack it and also do a:
perl Makefile.PL
make install

in the directory where You unpacked it. A test.pl-File is included in the GSMI directory. This is not for a make test but for showing how the code is supposed to work.


There is none! I take no warranty or liability for the use of this software. So if You use it You use it at Your own risk, any damages that might occur are Your problem not mine! You have been warned


Quite some time ago I heard of something called "Postcardware" which meant that instead of paying something the author of the software would like to receive postcards from the users just for the fun of getting postcards from all over the world. So if you like the software I would be happy to get some snailmail \:) Snail-Address:
Konstantin Agouros
Otkerstr. 28
D-81547 München