this is the homepage for the Gnokii::GSM-Perl-Module.

This page will keep You up to date about the development.

What is gnokii?

Gnokii is a free project to make Your Nokia mobile phone available from Linux. gnokii's homepage is  here  and
if You have never heard of this I suggest, that you first look there.

What is this?

Gnokii::GSM is a perl-module (perl5) to make the routines of the gnokii-project available from perl.
This enables you to read and write the phonebook of the phone and whatever gnokii enables you to do.
You can have a look at the manpage  here

What do You need?

The current revision of gnokii (0.2.6-pre4 or higher) available via CVS from the CVSROOT
Or version 0.3.0-pre4 available from the same source

Note to all gnokii 0.4 and above users

I am currently working on it. It will have some API changes mostly that it will be named GSMD::Gnokii and there will be a GSMI-Interface (just like DBI/DBD for databases). So if You have wishes of stuff that You are missing, now would be a good time to mail me.


Enough talking here is the link to
The oldest version I still publish is for Gnokii 0.3.0 here
gnokii-0.3.1-pre17 and above should work with this (version 0.5) release. Now we have Calendar-Support included.
So finally I got a 0.3.1-final version that should work. There is even some stuff supported, that you can not get via the commandline. click here to download it. Note to those, who already downloaded 0.6 and couldn't read SMS's. I found the bug this release should work.
This is the second release of 0.7 for 0.3.2. So it is 0.71 Note also the changes to SendSMS where some of You had problems. Click here to download it. If you have downloaded the 0.7 release already download 0.71 or fix GSM.xs since there is a } missing and it won't compile. Finally I set down and put the SendRingTone-code to gnokii-0.3.3. Note that since I don't have ringtones to send (and no logos also) please let me know, if this works for You. I also think I fixed the Y2K-Bug for SMS-dates. So download Version 0.8.1 here.. If You downloaded 0.8.0 get this one since there were some errors but thanks to Gaby Vanhegan these were removed.
There is the CF_SETSPEED problem under some releases of Linux/Glibc here is what to do, when You get an errormessage like:
../../common/unixserial.c:42: conflicting types for `cfsetspeed'
/usr/include/termios.h:62: previous declaration of `cfsetspeed'
During compilation.
Edit the Makefile.PL and go to the DEFINE-Line. In that add add '-DHAVE_CFSETSPEED' between the empty quotes so that it looks like this:
Now it should compile. Be sure to first have compiled gnokii otherwise the neccassary .o-files are not found.

Another issue is perl 5.6. If You are using 5.6 You need to add a define to the perl Makefile.PL:
perl Makefile.PL POLLUTE=1 to get it to compile.

Alpha-Test-Version for Gnokii 0.5

After Zoltan finally pointed me to the bug that haunted me for quite some while I am releasing the pre-alpha (can one release this? \:) of GSMD::Gnokii. Unpack the tar-file and edit GSMD/Gnokii/Gnokii.xs to match Your installation of where You find the gnokii-source (for includefiles) and Makefile.PL to where libgnokii is. This version is absolutely not documented (this will happen in February). Look at GSM/ to see how to use the functions. The cosmetics (docu etc) will happen when I am online again. Download here to download this. The current Gnokii- CVS-Version is needed for this to compile.


There is none! I take no warranty or liability for the use of this software. So if You use it You use it at Your own risk, any damages that might occur are Your problem not mine! You have been warned


Since I only have a 6150 (which I hardly use at the moment) there might be incompatibilities that I don't know of.
So if someone (Hello Nokia?) wants to sponsor me with newer phones You'll find the address to send them to below \:))))


Quite some time ago I heard of something called "Postcardware" which meant that instead of paying something the author of the software would like to receive postcards from the users just for the fun of getting postcards from all over the world. So if you like the software I would be happy to get some snailmail \:) Snail-Address:
Konstantin Agouros
Otkerstr. 28
D-81547 München